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About Barbados
Barbados is a small (166 sq miles) but beautiful island which attracts many visitors each year to it shores. This is an island with beautiful beaches, friendly people, much to see and do and a serene atmosphere.
Barbados is blessed with beautiful beaches, both on the calm West Coast and the rugged East Coast areas. There are several reefs, both natural and man-made, which attract the serious diver. While not having any spectacular mountain ranges, Barbados does have a diverse landscape, with the St.Andrew parish ( known as the Scotland District) having some attractive rock formations particularly along the shoreline. Harrisons Cave is one of Barbados's natural wonders with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The Atlantis Submarines provides a wonderful experience to enjoy the natural beauties of the waters around Barbados.
Barbados offers the visitor a variety of activities. There are the water based activities such as diving, fishing, other water sports ,coastal cruises, or just simply relaxing on the gorgeous beaches. Be sure to visit Harrisons Cave, a natural wonder, also the Flower Forest and Orchid World to see the flora of the island. If you are a golfer there are several golf courses for your enjoyment. Cricket lovers can watch the local matches or visit Barbados when International matches are being played. Take a trip on the Atlantis submarine and enjoy the natural beauty of the waters around the island. There is something to please visitors of all age groups.
Barbados became an Independent nation within the Commonwealth in 1966. Originally occupied by Arawaks and Caribs, and later visited by the Portuguese and Spanish, it was colonised by the English in 1625 and remained under British rule until 1966. It was a valuable colony because of it's fine sugar cane production. Slaves brought from Africa and indentured servants from Britain worked on the many plantations. Slavery was abolished in the 1800's and the importance of sugar declined. Today tourism is Barbados' main industry.

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