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About Dominica
Eco tourism reigns in this mountainous island and for those with adventure in mind it is perfect. It has been called the Nature Island of the Caribbean and with its many rivers and unspoilt beauty, there are many activities such as hiking, exploring the nature trails, whale watching, exploring the natural beauty of the rain forests etc. Spectacular scenery and an opportunity to be at one with nature.
Known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean Dominica is a haven for those who enjoy the wonders of nature, and wish to enjoy a vacation in a truly unspoilt setting. There are 365 rivers ( one for each day of the year) and unspoilt rainforests. Morne Trois Piton National Park has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1997. >> Dominica
For the nature lover there is plenty to see and do. Hiking tours to the rainforest can be arranged and The Rain Forest Aerial Tram ride which offers you an exciting view of the flora and fauna from a Canopy gondola should not be missed. Visit the Boiling Lake or climb Mount Diablotin. Experience Dominica Carnival and during October 2004 there is the World Creole Music Festival. There are also traditional village feasts which take place year around. Whale watching is another popular activity and there is also kayaking, sports fishing and boating and scuba diving.Cycling the rough terrain is another experience to be enjoyed. And after the sun sets enjoy the night life in the clubs and bars. Dominica
Dominica - Originally occupied first by the Caribs and Arawaks in the 14th century, it was discovered by Columbus in 1493. The island changed hands between France and England several times until 1805 when it remained in the possession of the British until 1978 when it became an independent republic with the Commonwealth. Dominica has a rich culture with the blend of influences from the Caribs, French, English and African peoples. >> Dominica

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