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About St. Thomas
one of the US Virgin Islands. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Only 33 sq miles it can be easily explored by bus, car, by foot ( uphill in many parts) or take a helicopter ride to take in the spectacular beauty of the island. Be sure to visit Drakes Seat where Sir Francis Drake is said to have sat and counted his ships. Check out the shopping in the historic downtown area for many bargains in crystal, jewellery, cameras etc.
St.Thomas is an island with much natural beauty and its famous harbor, which plays hosts to several visiting yachts, is one of the main attractions. Delightful beaches abound and there is much water based activity. Scuba diving, yachting etc to mention just a few of the popular activities. Also, within easy reach are the other members of the USVI and it is recommended that one take a ferry and explore the sister islands. There is an excellent underwater park and there one can see the beauty from beneath the seas. There are several species of beautiful birds and flora and fauna. Exotic plants, fruits and flowers, and such interesting fauna such as mongoose and iguana make for some interesting discoveries.
The capital Charlotte Amalie is a charming town with great shopping and has buildings of historic interest. Well worth exploring. Yachting, scuba diving, and other water based activites are in abundance. There is the famous St. Thomas Skyride which is a cable car similar to a sky lift and which takes its passengers up to 700 feet in the air where they can experience a panoramic view of the harbor, neighbouring islands etc. Be sure to visit the Coral World Marine Park for an interesting experience. Much to see and do in St. Thomas. Go visit the other USVI while you are there.
A member of the U.S. Virgin islands St. Thomas has an interesting history. First occupied by Taino Indians from South America it was visited by Columbus in 1493. The Virgin Islands were named after St. Ursula and her 11,000 virgins. St.Thomas was bought by the Danish government in 1733 from the Dutch West India Company and remained under Danish rule until 1917 when it was bought by the American Government as a safeguard during World War I.

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