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Barbados holiday packages combine Barbados accommodation with activities such as golf, heritage tours, diving, and hiking into a great vacation deal.

Barbados offers more attractions per square mile than any other Caribbean island, so there is something for everyone... and these package holidays let you discover it all!


Barbados boasts some of the very best Caribbean vacation accommodation including hotels, resorts, guest houses, apartments, holiday home and luxury villas. There is an abundance of lodging for every budget and mood, from luxury villas to down to earth living!

  • Romantic Getaways

    Enjoy an island romance complete with tropical beaches, gorgeous sunsets, pampering and relaxation!

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  • Golf Holidays

    Barbados is the perfect golfing destination with warm sunny weather and excellent courses! So make golf a part of your next Caribbean vacation!

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  • Caribbean Residents

    Enjoy savings and deals, including Staycation packages, exclusively for Barbados and Caribbean residents!

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  • Hiking Holidays

    The natural beauty of Barbados makes it ideal for a hiking holiday! Discover the unique geological features as you marvel at the beauty that nature has created!

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  • Rest and Relaxation

    What better way to relax than on a Caribbean vacation? Imagine spending the day on the beach, at a spa, or cruising the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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  • Nightlife / Entertainment

    Party the night away to island music or enjoy jazz and R&B at local clubs and restaurants.

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Featured Package

Experience another side of Barbados’ night life in a very unique manner aboard Atlantis Submarine. The use of high powered spot lights on the submarine present a very different view of the coral reef. Night predators and reef fish are fewer in number than during the day but at night colours of the reef, not visible during the day, are brought out by the lights beaming from the submarine. There are only two places in the world this can be ...

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